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Chapter 3: Milling technique made of remanium® alloys

Successful compendium series nears completion


Chapter 3: Milling technique made of remanium® alloys

Following the great success of the chapters “Crowns and Bridges” and “Cast Partial Denture”, the remanium® compendium series has now been extended to include the third chapter "Milling technique made of remanium® alloys”.

Chapter 3 is based on the proven principle of illustrative instruction, in the same way as the previous chapters. The focus is on a strong, optical illustrative theme combined with a text section that is limited to the most essential facts. It is this practical layout in particular that makes the remanium® compendium a compact, useful reference work. The book includes helpful suggestions for the milling technique, which are not only intended for student technicians but also for experienced professional dental technicians.

The book covers the most important areas of prosthetic applications that can be used for fabricating removable restorations. All procedures are clearly illustrated, including the telescope technique and other attachment, bar or latch restorations. Short notes and tips provide additional information on how to fabricate high-quality restorations using an uncomplicated technique.

remanium® alloys are now used worldwide for millions of applications in the conventional metal denture base technique as well as for porcelain veneered fixed restorations and, as demonstrated in this book, for the milling technique. The highly biocompatible remanium® alloys are easily processed and yet allow fabrication of very delicate frameworks with maximum elasticity.

The compendium series is available in book form from the Dentaurum Group and also as an online reference work at www.remanium-kompendium.de.

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