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ceraMotion® Value Concept -

Control the brightness as required


ceraMotion® Value Concept -

Apart from the contours and shade of a tooth, its brightness also plays a decisive role. Deliberate implementation of this knowledge makes a tooth of a crown. This is why, after successfully launching the popular ceraMotion® veneering porcelain system, Dentaurum are adding a special new product to it. In 2014 the Dentaurum Group ceramic specialists cooperated closely with Master Dental Technician Rainer Semsch (Münstertal, Germany) to develop the ceraMotion® Value Concept. This provides ceramists with an assortment of thirteen special "Value" Modifiers for adapting the brightness of the crown as required. This assortment is available for the ceraMotion® Me (veneering porcelain for metal frameworks) and ceraMotion® Zr (veneering porcelain for zirconia) lines.

To quote Rainer Semsch: "Handling ceraMotion® is amazingly uncomplicated and reliable and allows us to achieve ingenious aesthetic results. The Value Concept also allows us to influence the brightness of a build-up to get yet closer to a natural tooth.“
The centerpieces of this set are two powders for controlling brightness in the dentin and incisal areas yet without changing the actual shade. The selected Transpa Modifier Value materials create natural light-optical effects specifically in cervical and incisal regions. Further modifiers influence the intensity of opalescent incisal zones and provide shade stability even where space is minimal.

On its booth at the IDS 2015 in Cologne, Germany, the Dentaurum Group will run live porcelain demonstrations on various focus topics. Apart from MDT Rainer Semsch, other top class artistic ceramists from Germany and Switzerland, including MDT Haristos Girinis (Nagold, Germany), MDT Waldemar Fritzler (Geeste, Germany) and Dominik Mäder (Berne, Switzlerland) will demonstrate how versatile ceraMotion® is and other product highlights.

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