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A ceramic system for 7 indications



The system covers the most important framework materials in the area of metal- and full-ceramics and is suitable for alloys with conventional and high expansion CTE values, non-precious alloys (e.g. remanium® Star), titanium, zirconia and lithium disilicate. Ceramists can choose between several processing techniques: the traditional, individual veneering, the cut back technique, the staining technique and the press and press-on technique.

The innovative fabrication process including a double thermal treatment guarantees shade vitality and shade stability even after multiple firing. Due to the new tension reducing connection (TRC), the paste opaque ensures extremely high bond strength. The unique Touch Up concept combines correction and glaze firing in one step and allows corrections even deep into the opaque. When used with lithium disilicate, the translucent ceraMotion® veneering materials especially stand out because of the homogeneous and brilliant results after the first dentin firing. The system is completed by the ceraMotion® press ceramic lines.

ceraMotion® is a comprehensive, reliable and flexible ceramic system – developed by users for users.

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