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Blasted clean away:

Dentablast and Dentablast Duo – the new double act from Dentaurum


Blasted clean away:

The Dentaurum group has expanded its range of units for the dental laboratory with the addition of two sandblasting units that meet virtually all routine laboratory requirements. The Dentablast is a robust automatic sandblasting unit for removing investment and oxide. It is suitable for use with all abrasives up to 250 µm grit size. A large access with gloves and an electro-pneumatic release using the foot control ensure easy operation of the unit. A large sieve effectively filters fragments and prevents blockage of the system. There is an outlet on the bottom of the unit for removing used abrasive. A pressure regulator and pressure display are integrated into the unit.

The Dentablast Duo is a robust, maintenance-free two-chamber microblaster for cleaning metal and porcelain surfaces and is suitable for universal use with abrasives up to 250 µm grit size. Three different nozzle attachments are available. Each blasting unit can be regulated separately using its own pressure regulator, pressure display and solenoid valve. The sandblasting system is robust and economical with automatic dispensing. When not in use, the abrasive tank is not under pressure preventing any condensation of the water from the compressed air, which ensures the abrasive does not stick together. The Dentablast Duo has a sturdy housing and a stainless steel abrasives tank with a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar.

Both units can be connected to a central extractor. Dentaurum also provides an automatic extractor as an optional accessory. High-grade corundum, corundum, aluminium oxide sandblasting abrasives in various grit sizes and polishing beads included in the Dentaurum Laboratory Catalogue are recommended.

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