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Addition to the ceraMotion® One Touch Concept portfolio:

new Nacera® Pearl Q³ zirconium oxide blanks


Addition to the ceraMotion® One Touch Concept portfolio:

The cooperation between Dentaurum and Doceram continues to bear fruit. Together, the two companies are now presenting Nacera® Pearl Q3 Multi-Shade, a product that redefines the accuracy of shade and fit for CAD/CAM restoration materials. The Nacera® Pearl Multi-Shade system has now been extended to include the cubic Q3 zirconium oxide series. This features not only ultra-high translucency, but also natural light dynamics and a shade rendering that exactly matches the classic shade system.

The special chemical composition with the development of a tetragonal-cubic phase is partially responsible for the photo-optical properties of the new high-performance ceramics. Crowns can barely be differentiated from a natural tooth thanks to the optimized refraction and the improved light dispersion. The new tetragonal-cubic 6Y-PSZ high-performance ceramic from the multi-shade family has been developed with a special color mix and measuring method that now, for the first time, takes into account the brightness value and chroma in a zirconium oxide system, enabling a very homogenous color particle distribution in the material. In addition, the very fine flowing shade gradations from the cervical area to the incisal edge of the restoration are true-to-life – whether they are fully anatomical or anatomically reduced.

With a bending strength of 700 +/- 120 MPa  Nacera® Pearl Q3 Multi-Shade is suitable for the production not only of monolithic individual restorations, but also highly aesthetic three component bridges with long-term stability.

Natural efficiency and aesthetics
The Nacera® Pearl Q3 zirconium blanks have been designed as a further component for the ceraMotion® One Touch concept. Combined with the ceraMotion® One Touch pastes, results can be achieved that are aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Highly aesthetic crowns and bridges can be produced with the help of the finishing pastes.

The new Nacera® Pearl Q³ zirconium oxide blanks are available in A – C (Light and Dark), 16 and 20 mm thick.

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