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tomas® -auxiliary kit

Proven auxiliary components for easy and efficient mechanics


tomas® -auxiliary kit

With this addition to its program, Dentaurum once again underlines its leading position in the field of skeletal anchorage.

Orthodontic therapy, integrating the advantages of skeletal anchorage, has lost the extraordinary status of only being suitable for special cases. It is increasingly considered as part of normal orthodontic treatment. To the practitioner’s advantage, because many tasks can be accomplished quicker and more efficiently. But also to the patient’s advantage, through enhanced comfort and aesthetics during the course of treatment.

In order that the opportunities offered by this therapeutic instrument are exploited to the full, effective and uncomplicated coupling between the mini screw and the orthodontic appliance is important. That is why Dentaurum brought the tomas® auxiliary kit – a field-proven compilation of various auxiliary components - onto the market as an assortment. The parts contained cover the most frequently occurring anchorage tasks in daily practice. This yields the practitioner crucial advantages. All coupling elements are directly applicable without time-consuming in-house production and thanks to the clearly structured, practically relevant compilation, they provide significant savings in time and costs. Alignment of molars, intrusion, distalization or “en mass” retraction, to name but a few examples, are so effective, economical and simple to perform. The tomas® auxiliary kit is available for both techniques: 18 and 22.

Although the compilation of the assortments makes most solutions possible, over and above this, Dentaurum offers additional auxiliary components for anchorage for optimal individual patient therapy. The slogan “tomas® - the complete anchorage system from Dentaurum“ is impressively endorsed with this addition to its program and, along with comprehensive and exemplary services, explains why Dentaurum is the leader in Germany and the USA with tomas®.

Detailed information on the tomas® auxiliary kit and on the tomas® anchorage system in general is available free of charge from Dentaurum or on the Internet at www.tomaspin.de.

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