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The new three-in-one appliance amda®:

simple treatment for class II anomalies


The new three-in-one appliance amda®:

From July 2016 the new amda® (advanced molar distalization appliance) from Dentaurum will be available on the market, extending the possibilities for palatal treatment. amda® is the modern alternative to extractions in the case of class II anomalies and can be used together with the new tomas® system.

Diverse treatment possibilities
The amda® system was invented by Prof. Dr. med. dent. Moschos A. Papadopoulos from the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki (Greece) and developed by Dentaurum in close cooperation with him. As a skeletal anchorage device it can be used for the bi- or unilateral distalization or the mesialization of upper molars and for the retraction of the upper anterior teeth depending on how it is fitted. The amda® system impresses with its simple, but comprehensive product range, its easy application and the fact that patient compliance is not required. All parts are pre-assembled on delivery and can be altered in only a few steps to suit the individual patient, thereby requiring very little work in the laboratory.

Intelligent design
The spring on the appliance is enclosed in a telescopic element so it cannot become contaminated. This ensures that treatment remains hygienic and pleasant for the patient. amda® works by using a sliding mechanism with a nickel titanium spring. Numerous clinical cases have confirmed that the appliance is easy to use and delivers successful results. There are two methods of achieving anchorage in the jaw: either by means of skeletal anchorage via two minipins (for example, tomas®-pin EP) which are fitted in the palate or by embedding the anterior part of the appliance in a Nance pad and anchoring the appliance in the dentoalveolar region. amda® is available in three lengths, thereby allowing a high level of freedom when selecting the point of force.

amda® can be used for more than distalization. Turn it round and it becomes an appliance for mesialization. It can also be used for the retention of molars. amda® – three appliances in one.

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