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The multimedia Orthocryl® CD-ROM

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The multimedia Orthocryl® CD-ROM

Orthodontic dental technology requires an extraordinarily high level of technical skill and this is not always easy to learn. With the new Orthocryl® CD-ROM it is now possible to gain insight quickly into this specialist area. The special feature of this CD-ROM is the media centre with 17 video clips and 3 picture galleries. From bending technique to polishing of an upper dental appliance each stage in the work process is shown in the form of film clips. The production of a bimaxillary appliance and a bite splint are also demonstrated. Impressive close-ups show how the appliances evolve step by step. The viewer sees what is generally hidden during observation so that helpful tips can be obtained on how the production process can be optimised. Whether a beginner or a professional, everyone can obtain tips and suggestions for use in their daily work. It is often the small tricks that turn a process into a masterpiece. Over 33 minutes of film and a large number of images on bending technique can be found on this informative, multilingual CD-ROM (as from November in 9 different languages).

The Orthocryl® acrylic resin system is a cold polymer consisting of two components. The two components are the powder (polymer) and the liquid (monomer). Targeted processing of the two components and use of different colours enable individual orthodontic appliances to be produced in a simple way. The acrylic resin is also very well suited to the production of bite splints. The Orthocryl® CD-ROM describes the properties of this acrylic resin system in detail. Using a large number of animation graphics and interactive segments the information is easy to understand. Important information documents such as instructions for use, safety data sheets etc. can also be stored and printed in PDF format. The new Orthocryl® CD-ROM gives an insight into the production of orthodontic appliances, bite splints and bending technique.

Service is always very important for Dentaurum as the innovative family-run company understands what it means to be a partner and is available to answer any questions about orthodontic dental technology on Tel. +49 7231 / 803-555.

The Orthocryl® CD-ROM can be obtained free-of-charge from:

GmbH & Co. KG
Turnstr. 31 – 75228 Ispringen
Fon: 07231 / 803-0
Fax: 07231 / 803-295
E-Mail: info@dentaurum.de

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