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The discovery® pearl ceramic bracket line

Product additions 2015


The discovery® pearl ceramic bracket line

Perfect in size and geometry and provided with the proven characteristics of the discovery® bracket family, the discovery® pearl ceramic bracket transcends all previous boundaries of aesthetic orthodontic treatment. The all-ceramic bracket is currently available in the Roth 18 and 22 systems for the upper and lower jaw. As from the summer of 2015, the brackets will be optionally available in MBT* 22 with hook on tooth 3, 4 and 5 and the complement of the upper jaw in MBT* 22. The complete system MBT* 18 will also be made available to users as of next summer.

The incomparable aesthetics of discovery® pearl come from the perfect alignment of material and production process. The one-piece bracket is made from highly pure aluminum oxide using injection molding. And the most important thing: The bracket seems almost invisible in your mouth. With a low In-Out of 0.7 mm, the bracket is very slim and comfortable to wear. But discovery® pearl does not only impress patients and operators with its pure aesthetics. The bracket also meets all quality and performance expectations of a premium bracket made by Dentaurum. It allows simple handling thanks to the spacious, rounded wing undercuts with enough room for all types of ligatures, even for multiple ligatures or a combination with elastic ligatures. Since all brackets within the discovery® family have the same low In-Out of 0.7 mm, they can be combined with each other without compensation bends. This offers even more flexibility in defining individual treatment plans, e.g. in combination with discovery® smart metal brackets. The well-known perfectly aligned laser-structured base similar to the one of the Dentaurum metal brackets guarantees a secure bond on the tooth. Also debonding becomes really easy with the discovery® pearl debonding instrument developed especially for this purpose. The bracket can be smoothly removed from the tooth without excessive force.

A clear system of colored positioning guides facilitates placing the translucent brackets. This way, the brackets can be easily assigned to each tooth and be optimally aligned with the tooth axis. Thanks to its 3-D CAD-adapted contours, the bracket adapts perfectly to the tooth when positioned, without slipping.

Ortho-Cast M-Series buccal tubes for the adhesive technique and the translucent pearl arches complement the treatment with discovery® pearl. In addition, the starter set offers an easy access to aesthetic treatment with discovery® pearl. The set includes five cases of brackets, translucent pearl arches, Dentalastics® pearl, a debonding instrument and a typodont for patient consultation.

*The Dentaurum version of this prescription is not claimed to be a duplication of any other, nor does Dentaurum imply that it is endorsed in any way by Drs. McLaughlin, Bennett and Trevisi.

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