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SUS² - Sabbagh Universal Spring

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SUS² - Sabbagh Universal Spring

SUS² is the result of the continuous development of the Sabbagh Universal Spring – SUS. It is a universal dental spring with a telescope element which can be used intermaxillarly for obtaining skeletal and dentoalveolar effects.

SUS² - Sabbagh Universal Spring is indicated for the correction of distocclusions, for distalizing the upper posterior teeth and for the therapy of temporomandibular joint disfunctions. The use of this latest development enables orthodontic treatment even in patients with insufficient cooperation, in late cases with little remaining growth and in diseases of the upper respiratory tract system.

Stability, handling and comfort for the patient could be optimized in many details. Another innovation is the quick and easy fixing by means of an Arch-Adapter. The SUS² - Sabbagh Universal Spring is gentle to the temporomandibular joint and helps to avoid extractions and dysgnathic surgery.

The SUS²´s delicate design enables patients to accept the appliance quickly. After only a short time, they hardly feel the spring in their mouth because of its gentle and slowly developing forces and the high mobility of the lower jaw. Due to the great freedom of mandibular movement during treatment the patient is not restricted in his every day activities, e. g. during exercise, eating, nor his aesthetics. All these characteristics guarantee outstanding acceptance by the patient.

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