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orthoX® 3D model scanner

- digital solutions for orthodontics!


orthoX® 3D model scanner

Digitization has reached orthodontics! This entails great changes in existing workflows, but it offers fast, simple and viable solutions to users that, at this point, still are revolutionary in orthodontic practice.

The new orthoX® scan 3D model scanner with the integrated orthoX® file archiving software was specially designed for orthodontics. Thanks to its intuitive and easy use, the scanner is designed both for beginners and experienced technicians. Scanning requires only a few simple steps and settings. The stripe-light projection technology achieves a scan accuracy of < 20 µm. Scanning a single maxilla takes only 45 seconds. The orthoX® file archiving software can be used to scan, archive and, if needed, to add a three-dimensional base to tooth arches, single maxilla models or plaster models. It allows users to position the base correctly according to the occlusal plane, the median raphe and the tuber plane.

Patient data can be transferred from some patient archiving software via the integrated interface. This allows customizing scanned and archived patient data.

Patient models are saved in STL files. In addition to digital archiving, the STL files can be used freely in other applications to produce well-coordinated digital components and solutions, resulting in simpler processes and more efficiency in the lab and the practice.

Once the patient-specific STL data has been rendered, it can be used as basis for digital diagnostics, patient consulting, treatment planning and for the complete case documentation.

The STL files can also be used for model analysis and model printing with a 3D printer. They allow digital treatment solutions such as the Aligner therapy or a digitally planned, highly precise indirect bracket bonding technique. Using the scan data, the digitally planned lingual retainer is adapted to the patient´s tooth form and manufactured by means of laser cutting. STL files are also the perfect basis for future developments in digital orthodontics.

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