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Orthocryl® LC – delightfully different

The light-curing acrylic for orthodontists


Orthocryl® LC – delightfully different

Orthocryl® LC is the new acrylic with the extra advantages – it´s light-curing, time-saving and extremely easy to use. Orthocryl® LC is specially designed to meet the requirements for fabricating orthodontic appliances. It can also be used to fabricate drill templates for implantology or bite plates as well as anti-snoring devices within seconds. Nowadays, working efficiently is more important than ever to be successful. Orthocryl® LC saves time and material. Handling Orthocryl® LC is perfectly easy, since the acrylic is delivered ready-to-use in the cartridge and can be applied on the model directly. No time-costly mixing or sprinkling is necessary. Due to the perfectly balanced flowability, the material can be adapted efficiently to the model. Screws and wires in the appliance are perfectly embedded without material escaping. Thanks to the rapid polymerization in the light-curing unit, long polymerization times in the pressure unit have become obsolete.

Orthocryl® LC does not contain any harmful methyl methacrylate (MMA) or dibenzoyl peroxide, which prevents the material from having the typical strong monomer smell. Therefore, the material is easier to work with and suitable for technicians and patients allergic to these substances.

The versatile Orthocryl® acrylic system has been a success in orthodontic labs for more than 50 years. For generations, it has combined excellent product features and easy handling. Orthocryl® LC adds the extraordinary variety of a light-curing material to this unique product line. It is available in six vivid colors. Orthocryl® LC can be combined with the Disco glitter and numerous novel designs from the extensive Orthocryl® line. Your creativity knows no limits: Turn each appliance into a unique work of art within seconds!

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