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Orthocryl® black & white

Now even better!


Orthocryl® black & white

More than 250 million appliances have been made with the Orthocryl® orthodontic acrylic system, since its launch more than 50 years ago. While the well-proven product quality has remained the same over the years, the material has been further developed and improved step by step.

Thanks to small modifications, Dentaurum succeeded in further improving the creative highlight Orthocryl® black & white and in making the powder more stable for the spray-on technique. The improved formula allows an even better handling when making a removable appliance, which enables the user to work faster and more efficient.

Whether red, green, multicolored or black and white appliances – with Orthocryl®, there are no limits to your imagination. And there is more – in 2009, Orthocryl® obtained the certification as Class IIa medical device. According to the EU directive, Class IIa medical devices are products intended for long-term continuous use in the oral environment. Our orthodontic acrylic Orthocryl® is thus certified for fixed appliances. The new and improved Orthocryl® black & white is available as of now.

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