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Orthocryl® black & white

Orthodontically creative with the black & white technique


Orthocryl® black & white

Many things in our environment are black or white to achieve the greatest possible contrast. From the penguin to the zebra, from the dice to the domino. In orthodontic technology, it is a question of discovering these contrasts at the edge of the colour spectrum. The new Orthocryl® powder, shaded in black and white, opens up new creative possibilities to the progressive dental technician. In the search for new ideas for appliances, the black & white technique offers a world that is "cooler" than bright colours.

The Orthocryl® resin system is a cold polymerizate consisting of two components. The two components are the powder (polymer) and the liquid (monomer). Individual orthodontic appliances can be produced by selective processing of the two components and the use of the different shades. The resin is also very suitable for producing bite guard splints.

A wide variety of orthodontic appliances has been produced for almost 50 years with this resin system. Up to now more than 250 million appliances have been produced world-wide with Orthocryl®. This resin system has been subjected to extensive scientific tests, also in the form of chips such as those arising in milling. The system's biological harmlessness was proven impressively in this case. Orthocryl® autopolymerizates are not toxic, cause no irritation of the mucosa and possess no mutagenic potential. They are therefore excellently biocompatible. Only top class tested quality products offer safety for man and health.

If you have any questions about Orthocryl®, the orthodontic application advisors of the Dentaurum Group will be pleased to advise you under phone number +49 7231 / 803-555. Or you can request information material from:

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Turnstr. 31 – 75228 Ispringen
Tel: 07231 / 803-0
Fax: 07231 / 803-295
Web: www.dentaurum.de
Email: info@dentaurum.de
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