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New options for orthodontic treatment:

Free tomas info CD-ROM from Dentaurum


New options for orthodontic treatment:

Skeletal anchorage, which can justifiably be described as one of the most important advances in orthodontics in recent years, provides completely new options particularly for active tooth movement and passive stabilization.

Miniscrews, which provide temporary and purely skeletal anchorage, e. g. when uprighting molars, are not only easy to use but also offer an extremely wide range of treatment options. Many types of tooth movement, which were impossible or virtually impossible using conventional appliances, are very easily attained using skeletal anchorage. In many cases there is no need for time-consuming banding. Loss of anchorage is a thing of the past. The use of miniscrews often enables the operator to offer patients the option of “invisible” treatment, which is also very economical.

Dentaurum offers a multilingual information CD-ROM to accompany the introduction of the tomas® anchorage system. Highlights on this CD include:

- video showing pin insertion with commentary
- database with 30 documented cases and examples of application

Options for application of the tomas® anchorage system are very clearly presented in 3 sections (active tooth movement, passive stabilization and preprosthetic treatment). The system components, indications and the clinical procedure are also clearly illustrated using easy-to-follow graphics or 3-D animations. There is no other comparable source of information currently available on the market.

This brand-new tomas® CD can be requested free of charge from the address below.

Dentaurum plans to extend its customer services even further. After the overwhelming success of the orthodontic atlas, the first part of the Skeletal Anchorage Illustrated Atlas will be published shortly. If you are interested, you can reserve your free copy now.

Für weitere Informationen und Bestellungen rund um das tomas®-Serviceangebot von Dentaurum, wenden Sie sich bitte an:

DENTAURUM J. P. Winkelstroeter KG
Turnstr. 31 – 75228 Ispringen
Ansprechpartner: Maria Guerra Cubero
Telefon: +49 7231 / 803-104
Fax : +49 7231 / 803-195
E-Mail: maria.guerra-cubero@dentaurum.de

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