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magic® - The innovative lingual system from Dentaurum

Generations ahead in user-friendliness and patient comfort


magic® - The innovative lingual system from Dentaurum

In the development of the new Dentaurum Lingual System special emphasis was placed on two particular aspects. The aim on the one hand was to provide the orthodontist with a system that is much easier to use and on the other hand to ensure greatly improved patient comfort.

An example of the many advantages for the user is magicSlide©, an innovative combination of an occlusal horizontal slot in the anterior region and a vertical slot in the posterior region. This allows arches to be fitted incredibly easily without using the mirror-image technique. Another example is CuspiShape©, the special geometry of the upper canine bracket, that allows arches to be fitted very easily even with crowded teeth. The OrthoSlot© has also created increased treatment options for the operator combined with easier handling. This additional, round slot with upper premolar and molar brackets ensures easy, patient-friendly fixation of sectioned arches, uprighting springs etc.

Though lingual treatment has in the past provided patients with excellent aesthetics, it has also caused a certain amount of discomfort. For example, rough surfaces, sharp edges or bracket sections projecting excessively into the tongue space can sometimes cause considerable irritation to the tongue. This situation has been significantly improved by the magic® system. The compact design of the brackets, the ingenious shape (IntelliBend©) of the bracket bases, precisely adapted to the shape of the tooth, and the extra-smooth surfaces with extra-round external edges provide unsurpassed patient comfort. The integrated design of the hooks, which drastically reduces potential tongue irritation, deserves particular mention. A unique feature: magic® brackets are the world’s first nickel-free lingual brackets that comply with DIN EN ISO 6871-1 and are, therefore, highly biocompatible.
The magic® system has even more advantages. Unlike systems from other suppliers, the magic® lingual system with its additional system components, such as lingual tubes, arches, pliers and a positioning device, provides the orthodontist with all the basic components required for successful lingual treatment from a one-stop supplier. This lingual range, the most extensive in the world, therefore ensures highly effective, time-saving treatment.

Conclusion: magic®, the world’s most comprehensive lingual system, is a major advance in successful lingual treatment.

If you require further information or have any questions about magic®, contact the orthodontic advice service on our hotline +49 7231 / 803-550. Or you can request product literature from:

DENTAURUM J. P. Winkelstroeter KG
Turnstr. 31, 75228 Ispringen - Germany
Telefon: +49 7231 / 803-0 Fax: +49 7231 / 803-295
e-mail: info@dentaurum.de
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Address: Turnstraße 31, 75228 Ispringen, Deutschland

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