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Equilibrium® brackets

Harmony in function and comfort

Equilibrium® brackets

The optimal function of the slender equilibrium® brackets guarantee safe results which can be obtained effectively and accurately. Patients benefit from the excellent comfort and the outstanding biocompatibility. With this bracket, Dentaurum once again sets new standards.

In contrast to many conventional brackets, equilibrium® brackets are fabricated from high-quality corrosion resistant stainless steel and are manufactured in one piece with an integrated laser structured base. Furthermore, the dimensional stability of the rectangular slot and the exact torque and angulation values assure an excellent transmission of force. Perfect retention of the brackets is achieved with the patented laser structured base. Premature loosening of the brackets is no issue!

Orthodontists appreciate the optimal use of equilibrium®. Even multiple ligation is very easy with equilibrium®due to the ideal shape of the bracket wings with their extremely practical distal notches. Every single bracket can be identified easily and positioned accurately due to the clear symbols, the mid-marking and the rhomboid base. Furthermore, compared to conventional markings, the laser marking is abrasionproof.

Patients appreciate especially the excellent comfort and outstanding biocompatibility. The high acceptance is due to the low profile and the slender shape of the brackets. The gingival offset of the bracket wings prevents irritation of the gingiva and it also ensures that there is no occlusal interference of the bicuspid area. The solder-free fabrication and the use of the proven highly corrosion resistant stainless steel guarantee excellent biocompatibility.

Please ask for further information at:

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Mrs. Helga Hansmann, Tel: 07231 / 803-145 Fax: 07231 / 803-195
E-Mail: helga.hansmann@dentaurum.de,

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