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"Dynamics of Orthodontics" unique further education series

Now available in full immediately!


"Dynamics of Orthodontics" unique further education series

An international team of authors has succeeded in presenting the entire “world” of orthodontic knowledge. All sub-fields, from anatomy via diagnosis to therapy, are described comprehensively in the eight volumes of the „Dynamics of Orthodontics“ advanced education series. A lexicon in book form (incl. CD-ROM), a multilingual lexicon on a CD-ROM and further modern digital media such as DVDs are now available to orthodontists, resident orthodontists and dental students. Computer-aided animation is used to show factual contents with previously unheard of clarity. Volume 5 has now been published thus completing this advanced education series.

Volume 5: The entire knowledge of „Dynamics of Orthodontics“ –  Test your knowledge on orthodontics!
The new DVD, volume 5, includes a summary of volumes 2, 3 and 4 complemented with additional content on the observation of the mutual influence of facial growth, dentition and function. The user can evaluate his knowledge interactively. „Dynamics of Orthodontics“ provides for advanced, computer-aided learning whereby the concept was specifically internationally orientated. For the first time in the history of orthodontics, orthodontic terminology has been harmonized not only in English but also in five other languages (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian).

The „Dynamics of Orthodontics“ further education series is a joint project of Dentaurum and the Quintessence Publishing Company. The new educational DVD volume 5 is available right away. Should you have any questions about our training courses, we would be happy to advise you.

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