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discovery® smart

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discovery® smart

The small size and the brilliant qualities of the discovery® bracket family make the new premium metal bracket discovery® smart a true all-rounder. Up until now, discovery® smart has only been available as system MBT** 22. Now, for all those who have hesitated and doubted the advantages of this bracket, we are introducing further systems: Roth 18, Roth 22 and MBT** 18. Roth 18 will be the first addition and available at the end of January. Roth 22 will follow at the end of February and MBT** 18 at the end of March. All systems are optionally available with hooks on the cuspid brackets or hooks on the cuspid, 1st bicuspid and 2nd bicuspid brackets. Additionally, it is now possible to acquire the 2nd bicuspid brackets with a lower in-out value of 0.7 mm instead of a MBT**-compliant in-out value of 1.2 mm.

discovery® smart is the result of consistent advancement of the longstanding and well- proven brackets discovery®. It complements the bracket series with smaller dimensions and an innovatively designed arched slot. It provides a definite improvement in comfort for the patient due to a significant reduction in size of around 20% in comparison to the discovery®, without any loss of torque and angulation control. Another highlight is the new mesial-distal curved slot direction, which follows the ideal curvature of the dental arch. This has a positive effect on the sliding mechanism of the arch wire.

The generously sized, rounded wing undercuts of the discovery® bracket family provide plenty of space for all types of ligatures. The fact that all brackets within the discovery® family have the same in-out values of 0.7mm, means that they are all combinable with one another without requiring compensatory bending.This provides even more flexibility for each individual treatment method, e.g. in case of an aesthetic combination with the discovery® pearl ceramic bracket.

discovery® smart is a real, single-piece bracket, which means the bracket is very biocompatible because solders are not necessary anymore. Even the hooks are injected along with the bracket in one piece. The innovative mushroom shape means the rubber bands have sufficient support. The customary perfect bond to the tooth is of course due to the laser structured base patented by Dentaurum. In addition to this, the patented FDI tooth indication marking, which is integrated in the base of the bracket, enables each bracket to be assigned specifically to the correct tooth. The 3D CAD is programmed to the anatomy of the tooth, this means that the discovery® smart is especially easy to position. The bracket adapts itself perfectly to the tooth surface without slipping.

The discovery® smart series also includes a new buccal tube for the adhesive technique: Ortho-Cast M-Series. Guided by the idea of family, a small and flat tube has been developed that is compatible with the brackets and easy to handle. For the System MBT** 22, Ortho-Cast M-Series are already available as non-convertible buccal tubes for the 1st and 2nd molar (Ortho-Cast mini). Systems MBT** 18, Roth 18 and 22 will be introduced in the course of spring 2013.


** The Dentaurum version of this prescription is not claimed to be a duplication of any other, nor does Dentaurum imply that it is endorsed in any way by Drs. McLaughlin, Bennett and Trevisi.

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