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discovery® sl 2.0

The new generation


discovery® sl 2.0

Many products are marketed in different versions and generations. This aims to optimise the properties of the product in order to offer the highest quality.

This is precisely the approach that Dentaurum has taken with discovery® sl 2.0 brackets. The self-ligating bracket has been completely revised and improved. discovery® sl 2.0 is available in the McLaughlin-Bennett-Trevisi 22 system since September 2011. It is still the smallest sl bracket in the world and is impressive due to the clear design of the proven discovery® bracket range. Its small size makes it very inconspicuous and virtually unnoticeable in the patient’s mouth. Features that have also been retained include the Dentaurum brand name as well as the patented laser-structured base, which ensures an optimal balance between good bonding and easy debonding, and also the FDI notation on the base. This makes it easy for the user to assign each bracket to a specific tooth quickly and without complications. A laser cross on the bracket greatly facilitates alignment during placement of the bracket.

On the other hand, the opening mechanism has been completely revised, which is the core of every self-ligating bracket, regardless of whether it is a slide, clip or lid mechanism, as is the case with discovery® sl 2.0. The lid design provides discovery® sl 2.0 with a compact size and minimal profile as well as excellent hygiene. The new version opens and closes intuitively in the direction of force. The opening for the opening instrument is more clearly visible in this bracket than in the previous version. Opening requires only a slight rotary movement towards the occlusal and the lid springs open.

The lid mechanism guarantees that the lid stays open when the archwire is replaced due to an improved wing stop. The lid locks perceptibly between the gingival wings of the bracket during archwire replacement and does not close automatically. The lid is pressed back with an instrument or finger to close it. The lock between the wings must be perceptibly disengaged when closing the lid. Engaging in the lock is also clearly perceptible. To prevent buckling of the sensitive lid, the bracket was modified to ensure that the lid now always open straight, including with angled brackets.

All essential accessory materials from the extensive Dentaurum product portfolio are available for beginning treatment with the discovery® sl 2.0.

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