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discovery® sl

The world’s smallest self-ligating bracket


discovery® sl

Dentaurum rounds off its comprehensive bracket programme with the world’s smallest self-ligating bracket.

Following intensive development work and extensive testing in the clinic and practice, the Ispringen-based dental company Dentaurum is currently launching the world’s smallest self-ligating bracket on the market. discovery® sl has succeeded in convincingly closing the only gap remaining in the wide-ranging Dentaurum bracket programme. The unique spectrum covers exclusively solderless bracket designs. It extends from the premium product discovery® spanning the equilibrium® line with the only bracket made of pure titanium through to brackets for highly aesthetic therapy with lingual brackets (magic®) or ceramic brackets (Fascination® 2).

A self-ligating bracket - discovery® sl – has been developed by Dentaurum based on decades of experience with orthodontic products and drawing upon ultra-modern CAD construction programmes; it stands out by virtue of an impressive series of special features. For example, it was possible to achieve the classical design of 4 bracket wings with this type of bracket. This provides the practitioner with all ligature and coupling options in all phases of therapy opening the way for greater flexibility and therapeutic freedom and therefore truly individual patient solutions.

There are, of course, further design characteristics facilitating functionality. These include the high precision slot - guaranteeing perfect torque and rotational control or the rhomboid base for quick and precise positioning. Another especially noteworthy feature is adaptability of the construction to the therapy phase, which brings the preferred mechanism of action to bear – passive or active - depending on the stage of therapy. The outstanding design feature of discovery® sl brackets is a relatively closed surface. This not only enhances aesthetics, but also leads to improved wearing comfort and makes simple oral hygiene easier. The fact the surfaces, especially those of the caps, are extremely smooth also has a very positive impact on wearing comfort. Not least the size of these brackets is a decisive advantage for patient comfort. discovery® sl is the world’s smallest self-ligating bracket, both in terms of surface area, as attested by the smallest VSI factor, as well as volume, thanks to the very low height, as attested by the BCI index. Alongside excellent, dependable quality, the simple, fast and naturally also safe application of products is very important for orthodontists. discovery® sl brackets from Dentaurum also convincingly fulfil these requirements.

An uncomplicated, robust locking mechanism makes locking simple and fast and reduces the required opening force. An integrated friction brake mechanism prevents the cap closing on its own while the arch is being changed. Also the computer calculated design of the cap guarantees the required locking assurance. Another detail of this bracket is innovative – the composite construction cap/debonding channel. With the cap closed, the cap/wing interaction achieves maximum strength and stability for the bracket. Only with the cap opened does the function of the debonding channel integrated into the base take full effect and the bracket is then significantly easier to remove.
It is typical for the Dentaurum Group that not only high quality products are developed and offered, but also form part of optimally coordinated and complete product systems. It goes without saying that this also applies for discovery® sl. The pure bracket range is enhanced with a whole series of accessory products. These include special arches, such as rematitan® sl arches with outstanding sliding properties, reducing the total friction of the bracket/arch system by 30% compared with classical NiTi arches. This also serves to accelerate therapy. Although the brackets are easy to open with any probe, there is special instrument to make it even easier.

Then there are services, such as practically-oriented courses, a quickly accessible and competent service hotline, as well as diverse materials for contemporary patient information. These include various eye-catching demo models, motivating patient brochures or documentation presented in an attractive form for patient consultation (advisory charts). This complete program not only makes the work of the user easier, but also promotes the trust between the practitioner and the patient. It also gives the practitioner the confidence of having a competent advisor team at their disposal at any time in case of questions.

Further information and documentation on discovery® sl and the Dentaurum Group’s diverse product programme may be requested at:

J. P. Winkelstroeter KG
Turnstr. 31 – D-75228 Ispringen
Phone:  +49 7231 / 803-0
Fax:      +49 7231 / 803-295
Email: info@dentaurum.de

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