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discovery® sl - Info-CD

Detailed and complete


discovery® sl - Info-CD

As an additional service, Dentaurum now offers an excellent multilingual information CD-ROM along with the new self ligating bracket system.

We`ve all experienced it – we research a new product and the services that go with it and become inundated with a flood of printed manuals, but the most important information is nowhere to be found. The more complex products provide fantastic pictures and diagrams, but it is not always easy to understand and use the product as quickly as desired. For this reason Dentaurum has chosen a medium which is compact and yet visually appealing, which includes all the information required for an introduction into the complete product range of the self-ligating bracket system – discovery® sl:
an information CD ROM. The information contained within the CD ROM was collected from orthodontists in hospitals and practices, then compiled and edited in order to ensure that the user is presented with high quality information which is interesting and as practice orientated as possible.

The discovery® sl Info CD includes for example, the detailed descriptions of all components within the bracket system, using animated graphics and interactive segments. There are simulated functioning examples in the form of a virtual video clip, which make important functioning principles quick and easy to understand. Clinical case studies which have been documented over a period of time, are shown in a mini film (morphing). This helps to make treatment progress interesting and easy to follow and can be shown to the patient when the course of treatment is discussed.

All materials and services included within the discovery® sl service program are presented, in both word and visual display, in a compact and comprehensive manner. All information manuals such as the instructions for use, bonding tips and technical product overview are available for print in pdf documents. 
Dentaurum is especially proud of the navigation system within the CD. The simplicity and speed has been praised by users of similar service CDs already in circulation, such as the skeletal anchorage system tomas® and the implant system tioLogic®.

The new info CD offers an interesting insight into the discovery® sl bracket system. This, and other service components in the self-ligating bracket system are integral constituents within the product line and prove Dentaurum`s motto: Product and service – go hand in hand!

The multilingual discovery® sl Info-CD is available from Dentaurum forthwith and free of charge.

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75228 Ispringen - Germany
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Fax: +49 7231 / 803-295
E-mail: info@dentaurum.de

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