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discovery® delight

Surprisingly different!


discovery® delight

discovery® delight is a new lingual system that not only meets the requirements of a modern lingual system but also sets new standards due to its sophisticated design! In collaboration with Prof. Dr. Rubens Demicheri, Montevideo, Uruguay a lingual system was created, which responds to the central wishes of users and patients: wide range of indications, short treatment time, virtually invisible and with very high oral comfort.

As it is virtually invisible discovery® delight enables ideal orthodontic treatment possibilities, in particular for adult patients because in addition to 2D cases, complex 3D cases can also be remedied in relatively short treatment times. The system consists – both for the lower jaw and upper jaw – of two lingual brackets with a 20 inch slot for the anterior and posterior teeth as well as a closed posterior bracket and molar tube. Quick treatment results with low friction values can be achieved using the direct and indirect bonding technique with these four elements. The proven laser-structured base ensures optimum retention.

The vertical slot of the anterior brackets makes the system versatile in terms of treatment and is more convenient for the dentist, e.g. with arch wire change. It enables efficient force transfer, in particular during the rotation of teeth. The horizontal slot of the premolar bracket provides optimum control during all tooth movements, except rotation. The ingenious combination of vertical slot in the anterior region and horizontal slot in the posterior region (open / closed) enables optimum force transfers.

A closed premolar bracket, which has been specially developed for the purpose, can be used for highly rotated teeth. Despite the minimal dimensions all brackets can be easily ligated. There is also the possibility of using elastic chains and figure-eight ligatures.

There are four assortments available to the orthodontist for the treatment of different indications, from simple 2D social six treatments to the treatment of complex cases.

A targeted selection of arch wires and instruments completes the product portfolio of discovery® delight. A specially developed positioning tool facilitates handling when using direct bonding technique. A dental mirror offers a better aid for orientation when aligning the brackets thanks to its integrated reference lines.

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