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discovery® and Ortho-Cast M-Series

A perfectly aligned combination


discovery® and Ortho-Cast M-Series

"Small size and innovative features" are the characteristics of the modern newcomers in the Dentaurum bracket family. The discovery® pearl ceramic bracket and the discovery® smart metal bracket combine aesthetics on the one side and easy handling as well as perfectly aligned features on the other side. The new, modern Ortho-Cast M-Series buccal tubes for the adhesive technique – in single, non-convertible – are the perfect complement to the premium brackets. The buccal tubes impress with their slim dimensions and exceptional features that enable easy handling. The Ortho-Cast M-Series buccal tubes are specially adapted to the geometry of the first molar. A groove that fits into the buccal fissure enables easy positioning on the tooth. The clearly funneled entryway facilitates easy insertion of the arch. Thanks to a positioning groove on the tube body and specially designed positioning tweezers, the Ortho-Cast M-Series buccal tubes can be grasped easily and securely. The tips of the tweezers fit perfectly into the positioning groove. For the second molars or newly erupted first molars, the buccal tube line is complemented by the Ortho-Cast M-Series mini buccal tubes.

All buccal tubes of the new and modern Ortho-Cast M-Series are produced, just like the discovery® brackets, with Metal-Injection-Molding (MIM) making them genuine one-piece buccal tubes. Even the delicate ball end hooks and the tube base are injected in one single step, so that the only processing step left is applying the patented laser structure with the FDI notation, a well-proven retention element. This one-piece construction makes the brackets and buccal tubes highly biocompatible, since there is no need for any type of solders.

The discovery® pearl starter set is the perfect way to start treating with these fascinatingly natural ceramic brackets. The set consists of 5 bracket cases for the upper jaw in the MBT* 22 system, matching translucent arches and ligatures as well as information material for patient consulting.
The small and brilliant discovery® smart metal bracket is available in the Roth 18 / 22 and MBT* 18 / 22 systems either with hooks on 3, or hooks on 3 and 5.
To match these, the Ortho-Cast M-Series buccal tubes for the adhesive technique are available in the MBT* 18 / 22 system and as of September also in the Roth 18 / 22 system.

* The Dentaurum version of this prescription is not claimed to be a duplication of any other, nor does Dentaurum imply that it is endorsed in any way by Drs. McLaughlin, Bennett and Trevisi.

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