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Brackets even easier to identify with the FDI designations

Optimized REF (order numbers) of metal brackets


Brackets even easier to identify with the FDI designations

Dentaurum brackets exhibit minimal dimensions combined with maximum strength as well as ideally rounded edges and bases shaped to fit perfectly. The introduction of laser-structured bracket bases was an important step in the one-piece manufacturing technique. The biocompatible L.I.S.© (Laser Identification System) has now been optimized even further to simplify identification and positioning of the metal brackets.

In future, Dentaurum brackets will include the FDI tooth designation on their bases. Based on the international FDI designation system, each tooth will be clearly defined with 2 digits. For example, 11 represents the upper right central incisor and 33 stands for the lower left canine. As the bases of the brackets have the most space for marking, very large and perfectly legible digits are placed there. This new designation system will first be introduced successively for the equilibrium® line. All remaining metal brackets will follow one after the other.

These changes will also include optimizing the REF numbers to provide for more transparency. Every digit of the 8 position order number has been allotted a specific meaning. The first digit denotes the bonding system applicable to this bracket, e.g. 7 stands for resin-bonding. The 2nd and 3rd digits denote the slot dimensions, i.e. 18 stands for a size 18 slot and 22 for a size 22 slot. The 4th digit stands for the product line and indicates which type of bracket it is. The figure 4 represents, for example, equilibrium® mini brackets. The 5th and 6th digits provide information about the treatment system and whether the bracket includes a hook or not. Last but not least, the final two numbers designate the tooth with the FDI system or describe the amounts in an assortment.

Like this, Dentaurum brackets are now even easier to recognize and allocate. The brackets are very easily and, above all, reliably checked and sorted.

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