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Available immediately with patented "click" feature for unwanted reversing

Variety special expansion screws from Dentaurum


Available immediately with patented "click" feature for unwanted reversing

The new Variety click special expansion screws with stable guidance were introduced onto the market in Germany mid-September. The screws are suitable both for fixed appliances in the mandible and for early palatal expansion in the maxilla.

The Variety click special expansion screws are characterized by their ability to achieve wide expansion despite their small size. At the same time, built-in stops prevent the screws from coming apart. The screws are guaranteed to open evenly and not reverse inadvertently thanks to the friction on the thread which has been carefully calculated and an integrated stop mechanism. High precision work and excellent quality ensure that the screw construction is strong and stable.

Highest safety standards for the orthodontist and the patient
The patented "click" to prevent unwanted reversing is the ideal screw locking feature during the active treatment phase. It enables reliable activation and deactivation of the screw with a clearly perceptible "click" after a quarter turn. All Variety expansion screws are available immediately with the patented "click" as an option. The laser-welded arms are not only biocompatible, they are also capable of bearing a high mechanical load. With two arms instead of four, the design opens up numerous application options. Variety click SP (small palate) expansion screws are particularly suitable for the treatment of patients with very narrow jaws. Each Variety click special expansion screw is available with a maximum expansion of 8 mm and 12 mm. All Variety click expansion screws have a laser marking indicating the maximum expansion for easier identification.

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