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A new way of patient consultation:

Creating customized appliances on your smartphone


A new way of patient consultation:

For three years now, the appliance configurator from Dentaurum has been very popular among internet users. This app for iPhone and Android smartphones offers the possibility to create original appliances in a quick and easy way. Previously available only in German, the appliance configurator is now available in 5 new languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.

"I can design my own removable appliance. I showed it to my dentist and now I have exactly the same - isn´t that cool?" or "It´s great for people that want their own individual removable appliance" are only some examples of excited user comments. This app is not only entertaining but also a modern medium for patient consultation.

The interactive program provides a total of 14 colors, 6 glitter effects and 38 novel designs that can be freely selected. The app is based on the whole product range of Orthocryl®, the high-quality orthodontic acrylic. All colors glitter effects and novel designs are included in the app in full detail. Once the favorite color has been chosen, the user can add glitter effects and novel designs to the virtual appliance. Whether it´s a playful design in yellow with red glitter and a dolphin or a sporty one in blue with a racing car or a soccer player: The appliance configurator allows everyone to design a removable appliance according to his own preferences. Look at some predesigned appliances inside the gallery to find inspiration. If you wish to create an appliance at random, you can just use the shake function.

The designed appliances can be sent via e-mail and shared on Facebook. Saved designs can be retrieved easily the next time you visit the orthodontic practice. The appliance configurator is available free of charge in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store.

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