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20 years discovery®:

A success story from the start!


20 years discovery®:

In 1996 Dentaurum launched the classic discovery® bracket and, in doing so, laid the foundations for what was to become a story of success. At the same time, new standards were created regarding the shape and function of brackets. Many positive bracket features such as the laser-structured base, patented by Dentaurum, the rounded wings or the perfect fit on the tooth have since become closely associated with the name discovery®.

The discovery® bracket family has been continually extended over the years. All brackets follow the same geometric lines and have been manufactured using the Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process since the very beginning in 1996. This enabled Dentaurum to present an important innovation since discovery® was one of the first genuine one-piece brackets on the market. Not only that, the discovery® brackets are also highly biocompatible since they are manufactured without solders or color markings that could be a health hazard.

Product features that convince
The patented laser-structured base on the brackets is one of the outstanding features of all discovery® brackets. The laser structure enhances the bracket bonding qualities and eases their removal at the end of treatment. Thanks to their 3D CAD geometric design, the base of the brackets follows closely the contours of the tooth, which in turn eases the placing of the brackets since they find the best position almost without help from the dentist. The rounded wings make discovery® brackets very comfortable to wear for the patients. Thanks to the spacious undercuts there is room for a variety of ligatures such as multiple ligatures or combinations using figure of eight ligatures. The bracket design has been constantly developed and modernized over the years.

The discovery® bracket family
2008 saw the introduction of the self-ligating discovery® sl, followed by a further version under the name discovery® sl 2.0 in 2011. At the heart of discovery® sl and discovery® sl 2.0 is a unique opening/closing mechanism which can easily be opened and closed using a special instrument.

Demand for a bracket that should be as small as possible, yet still have all the features of a standard bracket was fulfilled with the introduction of discovery® smart in 2012. By reducing the bracket in size by about 20%, the bracket became even more comfortable for the patient to wear and this was achieved with no detrimental effects to torque control or angulation. A further highlight is the mesial-distal curved slot contour which follows the ideal curvature of the dental arch. This has a positive influence on the sliding mechanisms of the arch.

In 2013 discovery® pearl was introduced – a classic, all-ceramic bracket without disruptive metal inserts in the slots. When bonded to the tooth, it fits in perfectly with the natural surrounding of the teeth thanks to its high degree of translucency and its color.

The latest addition to the discovery® family is the lingual bracket system discovery delight® which made its appearance in 2015. It reduces the number of components required and is easy to work with – be it for 2D or 3D treatment.

The discovery® brand is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2016 – that's good cause for celebration!

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