New Ortho-Cast M-Series mini buccal tubes:

Mini design. Maximum retention.

Released: 13.10.2017

New Ortho-Cast M-Series mini buccal tubes:

Ortho-Cast M-Series is the modern buccal tube system for both the bonding and the banding technique. Its innovative design is an ideal match for Dentaurum's modern brackets discovery® smart and discovery® pearl. Ortho-Cast M-Series can also be easily combined with the new self-ligating brackets dinamique® m and dinamique® c. The premium brackets bring together aesthetics and easy handling. Their features are perfectly coordinated.

The new Ortho-Cast M-Series buccal tubes for the bonding and banding technique come with a sleek and low profile and features that make handling even easier. The tubes of the Ortho-Cast M-Series have been especially adapted to the geometry of the first molars. The large funneled mesial opening eases the insertion of the wires into the tubes. Thanks to the positioning tweezers that have been especially designed for the Ortho-Cast M-Series, the small body of the buccal tubes can be gripped easily and safely. Ortho-Cast M-Series mini rounds off the product range for bonding to the second molar or on first molars that have just erupted. To achieve the high quality and design standards Dentaurum sets itself, the M-Series mini portfolio was extended this year to include the rectangular, non-convertible tubes for all standard prescriptions.

One-piece manufacture
All buccal tubes included in the new, modern Ortho-Cast M-Series are manufactured using the MIM process (Metal Injection Molding), as are the discovery® brackets, as genuine, monolithic buccal tubes. The slim, pliable ball-end hooks and the base of the tubes are molded in the same processing step. Afterwards, only the patented laser structure with FDI marking needs applying as a tried-and-tested means of retention. The brackets and the tubes are highly biocompatible thanks to the design in one piece, as no additional material is used to connect different components.

The Ortho-Cast M-Series family is constantly growing so more buccal tubes in the M-Series design are sure to be launched onto the market soon.

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