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A new interpretation of the frequently heard request for an "ultra highly translucent" zirconium oxide with the same aesthetic characteristics as lithium disilicate.


The result is an innovation  Nacera® Blue X Translucent LiquidWhen applied on top of Nacera® Pearl zirconium oxide, Nacera® Blue X Translucent Liquid increases translucency by up to 8 %.
But only where it is wanted - at individual, selective points.
When used on pre-dyed Nacera® zirconium oxide, the chroma is reduced on the areas treated with Nacera® Blue X Translucent Liquid. Apply it to cusp tips and incisal edges for a natural shade transition on Nacera® Pearl Shaded 16 + 2 or Multi-Shade restorations.


  • individual. Increase translucency - at selected points
  • flexible. Anterior areas, incisal edges - wherever it is requested
  • efficient. No need for additional UHT zirconium blanks
  • indication: anterior and posterior region, bridges with up to 3 elements

Nacera® is a registered trademark of Doceram Medical GmbH, Germany.

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