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Polished gingival shoulder.

The polished gingival shoulder (GH 2,5 mm) provides optimal gingival contouring.

Self-tapping thread

The self-tapping thread and the thread pitch of the CITO mini® implant enable a quick and atraumatic implant insertion at a steady insertion torque and a high primary stability.

Better osseointegration

The CITO mini® implant surface is blasted and etched to adapt it as best possible to the cellular bone structure. This enables quick and direct apposition of the bone tissue for the best possible osseointegration of the CITO mini® implants.

FEM-optimized thread geometry 1.

The design of the CITO mini® implant shape and thread geometry were calculated based on FEM analyses1. The tests indicate uniform, gently loading of the bone, avoiding stress peaks that could damage the bone as well as localized overloading.


I. Hasan, C. Bourauel: Biomechanische Untersuchungen des Einflusses von Geometrievarianten des CITO mini® Implantats (Biomechanical study of the influence of geometry variations of the CITO mini® implant; available in German only); University of Bonn 2014.

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