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rematitan® Plus

Special investment for titanium castings

  • By using the purest fire proof components (purity > 99%) and special additives in the rematitan ® Plus investment, the reaction between forming material and molten titanium is widely minimized.
  • Optimal fit is achieved by using the special mixing liquid to control the amount of thermal expansion.
  • rematitan ® Plus can be used for partial dentures as well as for the full range of crown and bridge techniques.

rematitan® Plus speed

The Universal Titanium Investment Material

  • Universal use for CrCo as well as crowns and bridges
  • Full speed function for all areas of application
  • Greatly reduced working times: total processing time of 2 hours in speed mode
  • Improved castings
  • Can also be used with simple preheat furnaces
  • Excellent cost-effectiveness
  • Patented stabilization process
  • Easy to use with only one mixing liquid


worldwide the first titanium speed investment

  • Efficient and flexible work cycle for speed operation as well as conventional preheating.
  • Added reliabilty through significantly increa-sed thermal stability.
  • Easy to work with due to reduced oxida-tion.
  • Universal application for every casting machine.
  • Maximum quality due to optimal fit.

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