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The range of Dentaurum intraoral and extraoral products extends from simple rubber rings or separators for intraoral application using neck straps to innovative extraoral appliances.
  • Safety for both practitioner and patient
    During the development, production and selection of all intra- and extraoral products, great care is taken in order to comply with the proverbial Dentaurum quality. Not only does this guarantee a high degree of assurance for the practitioner and patient, but it also enables time saving and effective application.
  • Elastic auxiliaries
    This assortment also has a large selection of different varieties. Together they are all of excellent quality and marked by their high elasticity and low fatigue. Apart from the various colors, diameters and pull forces there are also latex-free alternatives for patients with latex allergies.
  • Face Former - The multi-indicative vestibular screen
    The Face Former therapy designed by Berndsen/Berndsen is a cause-oriented, neurophysiological treatment concept. Regular exercise affects the soft tissue functions of the orofacial system and is used in the case of orofacial dysfunctions and myofunctional disorders with different effects. In particular, therapy strengthens and harmonises muscle functions, which are important for chewing, swallowing, breathing tooth alignment as well as facial expressions and toning the skin.
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