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Tiolox® implants are designed for endosteal placement in the maxilla and mandible. Corresponding transgingival abutments are fixed in position on the implants according to the indication and fitted with a prosthetic superstructure. Tiolox® implants are conical, non-self-tapping screw-type implants made from titanium.

Conical implant design

Maximum primary and secondary stability

The root-like shape of the Tiolox® implant ensures an optimally uniform distribution of stress in the alveolar bone. This prevents local stress peaks that can eventually lead to bone resorption and failure of the implant.

Passive thread

Optimum pressure distribution

Dentaurum Implants made the conscious decision to develop a passive thread design. FEM (finite element method) tests effectively prove that the Tiolox® thread design produces uniform and biomechanically optimum stresses in the bone. The thread design combined with the conical contour also ensures maximum primary stability, even in unfavourable bony sites.

Osteophilic surface

Immediate bone apposition

CBS (ceramic blasted surface) technology increases the surface area four-fold and, combined with optimum roughness, creates ideal conditions for rapid, permanent direct apposition of bony tissue to ensure osseointegration.

Shorter healing period due to the CBS surface

Dr. Werner Hotz „Dentale Implantologie“ 3/1999

„After more than 9 years’ clinical application and focused development based on the latest scientific knowledge, Tiolox® implants now have a ceramic blasted surface (CBS), which allows a prosthetic restoration to be fitted after a minimum healing period of 4 – 8 weeks, even in a spongiosal bony site.“

Product range

Tiolox® Implants

Tiolox implants are available in 2 diameters – 3.5 mm and 4.5 mm – as well as in 4 lengths - 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm. If required, the majority of these implants are also available with HA coated cervical areas.

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