Flat and rectangular:

retainer wire rematain® flat

Released: 15.05.2018

Flat and rectangular:

Only 0.25 mm thick, braided with 6 strands and made of stainless steel: this new retainer wire complements the existing assortment (titanium grade 1, grade 5 and gold) in shape and material.

Flat, smooth and adaptable – these are the most important characteristics of rematain® flat. The wire is comfortable for the patient because it is so flat. It also offers better protection against the danger of relapses. Orthodontists and dental technicians will value its easy adaptation since the restoring forces are negligible.

With only half the thickness of conventional retainer wires, a rectangular cross-section and multi-stranded design, the rematain® flat wires offer secure retention with only a small amount of adhesive. There is no easier way to secure teeth in position following orthodontic treatment!

The new retainer wire rematain® flat is available immediately as a straight wire in packs of 10.

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