Fascinating naturalness in the shape of a bracket:

discovery® pearl

Released: 29.09.2017

Fascinating naturalness in the shape of a bracket:

When the ceramic bracket discovery® pearl was launched on the market, it was the dawn of a new era for Dentaurum in aesthetic orthodontics. Although the bracket is almost invisible once it has been bonded to the tooth and has blended into the natural surroundings, experienced orthodontists often need no optical support in placing discovery® pearl brackets. For this reason, discovery® pearl will also be available from Autumn 2017 in a version without the colored placement aid.

A clear system of colored placement aids is available to assist dentists who still prefer to work with the visual color contrast. This way, the brackets can be easily assigned to each tooth and be optimally aligned. Like the structure of Dentaurum metal brackets, the laser-structured base of the bracket is designed to guarantee a secure bond to the tooth during the entire treatment.

discovery® pearl breaks all boundaries to date for aesthetics during orthodontic treatment and fulfils at the same time the highest of demands made on quality and performance. The monolithic all-ceramic bracket is molded in one piece using state-of-the-art equipment for the CIM process (Ceramic Injection Molding). By using highly pure aluminum oxide, discovery® pearl adapts perfectly to the natural tooth shade with no disruptive light reflection. With its perfect geometry and size, the bracket seems virtually non-existent in the mouth.

The bracket is based on the successful design of the discovery® bracket family: large, rounded wing untercuts with enough room for all types of ligatures, even for multiple ligatures or combinations with elastic ligatures. The base of the brackets has been optimally adapted to the tooth contour using CAD (Computer Aided Design). This facilitates positioning the bracket on the tooth. Since all brackets within the discovery® family have the same low In-Out of only 0.7 mm, they can be combined with one another with no need for compensation bends. This offers even more flexibility in defining individual treatment plans.

Debonding is also unproblematic thanks to a debonding instrument that has been especially developed for discovery® pearl brackets. The bracket can be easily and gently removed from the tooth without excessive force.
The small ceramic brackets can be combined with the innovative, translucent pearl archwires that have glass fiber reinforcement. This is the perfect finish to the appliance as they are also almost invisible.

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