Easy, flexible ligation:

the new sl-bracket dinamique© m

Released: 07.02.2017

Easy, flexible ligation:

The new self-ligating dinamique© m from Dentaurum fulfils all of the requirements expected of a modern, active, self-ligating bracket system. dinamique© m impresses with its low profile and its easy, reliable handling. The brackets are available for the systems Roth 22 and MBT*22, each with a hook on the teeth 3, 4 and 5.

Practical features
The bracket and the clip are made of high-quality stainless steel and leave nothing to be desired when planning therapy. The design features large tie wing undercuts enabling the use of elastic elements at any time. The brackets can be easily allocated to the correct tooth by means of a water-soluble color marking which is safe to use and which disappears after a few days. Its notched mid-line marking also helps to position the bracket on the tooth. The micro-etched mesh base ensures the bracket remains firmly in place and it ensures easy debonding using pliers at the end of treatment.

Perfect force application and control
The clip on the active dinamique© m brackets is easy to open and close when changing the wire arch. It ensures that the forces applied are well-controlled during each phase of treatment. The mechanics and the design of the clip have been used for some of the most successful sl-bracket systems on the market for many years. The clip is initially passive and simply closes the slot. In the active phase, the clip presses directly onto the arch and thereby ensures that the arch sits firmly in the slot. It is therefore possible to transfer the pre-set values in the bracket onto the tooth perfectly.

The Dentaurum bracket world
dinamique© m is the perfect addition to the Dentaurum bracket program which is one of the most comprehensive and diverse bracket programs on the market. There is not only the choice between classic and self-ligating brackets - discovery® pearl offers a highly aesthetic bracket whilst discovery® delight offers an easy system for the lingual technique. Dentaurum also offers high-quality brackets by the names of equilibrium® ti (titanium) and topic (nickel-free) which have been designed especially for patients with allergies.

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