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Maximum safety

  • The polished gingival shoulder (GH 2.5 mm) provides optimal gingival contouring.
  • The self-tapping thread and the thread pitch of the CITO mini® implants enable a quick and atraumatic implant insertion at a steady insertion torque and a high primary stability.
  • The design of the CITO mini® implant shape and the thread geometry offer a uniform, gentle loading of the bone whilst avoiding local overloading and stress peaks that could damage the bone.
  • The CITO mini® implants have a cylindrical/conical external geometry.





Acknowledgement of source:

I. Hasan, C. Bourauel: Biomechanische Untersuchungen des Einflusses von Geometrievarianten des CITO mini® Implantats; Universität Bonn 2014 (Biomechanical analyses of the influence of CITO mini® implant geometry variations; University of Bonn 2014).

Better osseointegration

In the osseous region, the CITO mini® implant surface is blasted and doubly etched so that it can be adapted to the cellular structure of the bone.  This enables quick, direct apposition of bone tissue for the best possible osseointegration of the CITO mini® implants.

Surgical tray for CITO mini®

The instrument set of the surgical tray for CITO mini® provides maximum flexibility during implant site preparation while reducing the number of instruments. The drilling protocol for the CITO mini® instruments thus enables atraumatic, minimally invasive preparation specially tailored to the bone quality and individual regulation of the drilling depth for attaining the maximum primary stability of the implant with only one drill.

Rotating instruments

  • Reduced number of instruments.
  • Atraumatic preparation especially tailored to the bone quality and individual regulation for attaining maximum primary stability.
  • Laser marking on shank (marked either with diameter or length or both depending on the type of instrument).
  • The CITO mini® depth drills have depth markings according to the implant length.



Sterile packaging concept

  • All CITO mini® implant types are supplied individually in gamma-sterilized double packaging.
  • The double packaging (foil and blister packaging) protects the inner container with the sterile implant against contamination.
  • The contents only remain sterile as long as the packaging is undamaged.
  • The implant can be removed from the holder contact-free using the PentaGrip insertion key  and inserted using a handpiece.

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