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AUSTROMAT® D4, Edition Dentaurum

Ceramic furnace

The DEKEMA ceramic furnace available from Dentaurum have the following advantages:

  • Exact temperature control
  • Pre-set firing programmes for all Dentaurum ceramic systems
  • AutoDry®: Simulates object temperature measurement and automatically regulates the distance from the firing chamber with the stepless, vibration-free lift for precise drying and cooling phases
  • Ceramic furnace inclusive vacuum pump and tweezers
  • The automated self-check by the 32-bit electronics of the AUSTROMAT D series ensures perfect firing monitoring and maximum reliability

AUSTROMAT 3001 press-i-dent®, Edition Dentaurum

Ceramic press furnace

This ceramic press furnace allows you to program firing and pressing cycles in any sequence without time limits. The unrestricted program design enables you to create any possible firing technique.

The regulatable electromechanical advance of the innovative upward pressing system (UPS) requires no compressed air connection and opens up unique possibilities. For example, different colours (presently up to three) can be pressed in a muffle ring in a single step (muffle system not included in the delivery). The ceramic furnace is supplied with vacuum pump and tongs.

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