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The Dentaurum product range includes many significant brands. With the introduction of remanit® in 1935 Dentaurum introduced one of the first non-precious metal alloys to the market. Over the years remanit® has become the remanium® range of non-precious metal alloys, used worldwide. Other well-known Dentaurum brands are rema® investment compounds, the Orthocryl® acrylic system, discovery® brackets, the tioLogic® implant system and the new tomas® temporary anchorage system. As with many companies, brands are a most valuable asset.

remanium® star

One alloy - three processing technologies

The remanium® non-precious casting allows from Dentaurum have been a synonym for quality in prosthetics for decades and millions are in use. In order to offer all users of new technologies the possibility to keep processing our well-proven and clinically tested alloys, our CoCr alloy remanium® star is now available in the same quality for three processing technologies.


tioLogic® digital

Complete CAD/CAM workflow

tioLogic® digital. provides dental technicians access to the entire CAD/CAM workflow and offers clever solutions for tioLogic® implants. The product range comprises all data sets and original materials for the fabrication of customized one-piece abutments, hybrid abutments as well as bar and bridge restorations using CAD/CAM technology.


The premium bracket that has been proven over a million times

The discovery® bracket family includes the premium brackets in the Dentaurum metal bracket range. They are manufactured completely as one-piece brackets using the MIM techniqe - Metal Injection Molding - and a special dental alloy in state-of-the-art facilities. The hooks on the canine and, if desired, on the first and second premolar brackets are directly integrated into the mold and are also produced in one piece together with the body of the bracket. Their innovative mushroom shape provides additional retention for the elastics.    


Acrylic system

The Orthocryl® acrylic colors range from classic shades to modern, funky neon colors. There are various glitter effects which can be used as well as attractive, novel picture designs.


Minimal effort - enhanced aesthetics

The  ceraMotion® concept unifies emotion and progress in a logically designed system. The products within this system are developed and produced in-house. The result is a structurally unified ceramic line, comprising veneering and press ceramics.


Universal speed investing material for crowns and bridges

The investing material for all indications, alloys and press ceramics.


The implant system, developed from the sum of our experience

The implant system from Dentaurum Implants is characterized by a documented combination of proven features and pioneering innovations.

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