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Ball-anchored dentures are mucosa-supported. When using ball abutments existing coverdentures can be used as temporary dentures or modified with a chrome cobalt framework - alternatively a new coverdenture can be fabricated.  CITO mini® implants function in such a manner that it is advisable to support the denture on at least four implant abutments in the lower jaw and six implant abutments in the upper jaw. The implants must not diverge by more than 20°. The lower edge of the ball abutment should be approx. 1.0 mm above the gingival line.  To achieve optimum retention, all ball abutments should be positioned at the same level. The ball is 1,8 mm in diameter. The components of the ball abutment must not be modified. The CITO mini® matrices are available in three different versions. Divergence compensations of up to 30° are possible for each matrix due to the size of the matrix housing and the corresponding O-ring.


O-Ring matrix 1 CITO mini®

Angulation compensation: 0°-25°

Release force: approx. 2.6 N

O-Ring matrix 2 CITO mini®

Angulation compensation: 0° - 15°

Release force: approx. 4.3 N

O-ring matrix 3 CITO mini®

Angulation compensation: 0°-5°

Release force:approx. 4.5 N

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