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Easy to use and flexible.

Orthocryl®LC is extremely easy to use. The product is delivered ready to use in black, opaque cartridges. Time-consuming preparation steps have become superfluous: the acrylic does not have to be mixed, doughed or salt-and-peppered anymore.

The material can be directly applied from the cartridge to the prepared model. The fitting injector helps to apply the right dosage at the right spot. The easy handling saves both a great amount of time when processing and finishing the appliance and a lot of material.

After the material has been applied, the model is placed in the light-curing unit and it's done. The complete polymerization takes only a couple of minutes.

See for yourself!

1. Preparing the material
2. Applying the material
3. Using different colors, Orthocryl® Disco glitter and novel designs
4. Polymerization
5. Removing the inhibition layer & finishing
6. Finished works

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