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Integrated platform-focussing

Perfect aesthetics

The cervical chamfer of the implant shoulder in a tioLogic© implant takes into account the biological width. The combination of cervical chamfer, crestal fine thread and CBS surface, which extends right to the cervical chamfer, promotes the apposition of bone tissue, prevents bone collapse and reduces gingival recession. This provides the basis for excellent, durable aesthetics.

PentaStop© rotational security

Maximum positional stability and rotational security

The dual contact of the system components in the tioLogic© implant guarantees high positional stability as well as excellent torsional and flexural stability. The five internal PentaStop© rotational security stops provide an optimum combination of maximum rotational security and outstanding flexibility when positioning the system components.
These are optimal features for ensuring customized, durable and aesthetically perfect superstructures.

Micro-round junctions

Improved fit and aesthetics

Micro-round junctions have been incorporated in different sections of the inner connection of the tioLogic© implant and in the abutment components. These ensure on the one hand that the load distribution produces less stress on the material and on the other hand that the fit is optimized to provide increased stability and aesthetic options

FEM-optimized inner geometry²

Highly stable connection for improved aesthetics

The dual contact and the rotationally secure connection of the system components, developed on the basis of FEM analyses, guarantee outstanding torsional and flexural stability. The high stability and excellent fit of the system components are optimal features for ensuring customized, aesthetically perfect restorations and long-term implant success.

2 F.O. Kumula:Analysis of the tioLogic© implant using FEM); CADFEM Stuttgart 2006

ISO-compliant fatigue strength test

Exceptional stability

The inner geometry of the tioLogic© implant, which is based on FEM analyses, is designed to withstand heavy loading. This was conclusively confirmed by the fatigue strength test according to ISO 14801 in tests at the Fraunhofer Institute1.

1 R. Schäfer, R. Jaeger, D. Ulrich, U. Köster: Determination of the fatigue strength of a dental implant); Material Mechanics Fraunhofer Institute, Freiburg 2006.
DIN EN ISO 14801: 2003, Fatigue test for endosseous dental implants, DIN - German Standards Institute, Berlin

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