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tioLogic® scan abutment/titanium base for CAD/CAM technology

The scan abutments were specially designed for precise digital recording of the geometry directly on the implant shoulder. Original tioLogic® CAD/CAM titanium blocks are available during fabrication of customized one-piece abutments.Titanium bases are used for the fabrication of customized hybrid abutments for adhesively bonding CAD/CAM zirconium oxide ceramic mesostructures. The geometry of the titanium bases was epecially designed to ensure a reliable, aesthetic bond with the ceramic mesostructure. The scan caps for bridge and bar restorations guarantee a user-friendly and precise transfer of the scan data for the fully-digital creation of bridges and bars directly to the tioLogic® bridge, bar and AngleFix abutment series. Dentaurum Implants provides a download service for tioLogic® CAD/CAM data records for 3shape, dental wings and exocad and integrates them into the respective software.

CAD/CAM scan abutment

The CAD/CAM scan abutment consists of a titanium adhesive base, a plastic extension and an AnoTite screw. The design of the scan abutment enables standard contouring of the plastic extension, which is converted using CAD/CAM manufacturing after scanning. The custom-fabricated CAD/CAM framework is adhesively bonded to the prefabricated titanium base, guaranteeing an accurate fit on the implant.

CAD/CAM Zenotec titanium base

The tioLogic® titanium base for the Wieland Zenotec system provides the interface between the tioLogic® implant and the CAD/CAM manufactured, highly aesthetic, prosthetic restoration. It consists of a titanium base and an AnoTite screw and is specially matched to the tioLogic® implant system treatment.

Precious metal

The precious metal abutment set comprises a cast-on precious metal alloy base, a plastic extension and an AnoTite screw. The abutment is designed to allow easy customization and the prefabricated implant/ abutment interface also provides maximum precision.


Titanium abutments are available in straight and 20° angled as well as cylindrical versions. The straight and angled titanium abutments are easily customized due to their anatomical design and different gingival heights. The angled titanium abutments also have different gingival heights (labial / palatal). The cylindrical titanium abutments can be prepared to suit the individual situation.


Temporary abutments can be used for fabricating long-term temporary, non-functional immediate restorations.Temporary abutments are made from high-strength plastic that allows quick, easy customization.

Bars and bridges

Bar abutments are available in different gingival heights for bar restorations. They can compensate for implant divergence to ensure a passive-fitting bar restoration. Plastic, precious metal or titanium caps can be prepared for fitting on the bar abutments using the adhesive technique in the fabrication of the prosthetic restoration.A conventional impression of the bar can be taken using the impression posts or a direct impression can be taken over the bar abutments.


The locator technique is used for an implant-retained, tissue-borne restoration with a very low overall height. There is the option of converting an existing overdenture or fabricating a new denture. Locator® abutments are available in different gingival heights. The Locator® matrix comprises a metal base with a retention insert. The withdrawal force of the Locator® matrix is regulated using the exchangeable insert, which is available in versions with varying retention.

Ball attachment

The ball attachment technique is used for an implant-retained, tissue-borne restoration. With the ball attachment abutments there is the option of converting an existing overdenture or fabricating a new denture. Ball attachment abutments are available in different gingival heights. The matrices are supplied in titanium/ plastic or precious metal/ platinum.

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