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CAD/CAM titanium blocks for customised, one-piece abutments.

By using original CAD/CAM titanium blocks, it is possible to create highly precise, patient-specific prosthetic restorations without adhesive bonding – cost-effectively and quickly. The provision of original titanium blocks from Dentaurum Implants guarantees a perfect connection to the tioLogic® implant thanks to their processability with the Medentika PreForm abutment holder, not only for abutment manufacture in-house, but also for manufacture off site.

tioLogic® CAD/CAM titanium blocks are available in all three prosthetic series of abutments S, M and L for the tioLogic® implant system. The accompanying scan abutments have been specially designed to ensure precise digital capture of the geometries in the respective software.

Scan abutment

To order the components via our online shop, please click on the corresponding abutment series.
Select the scan abutment in the appropriate abutment series:

Titanium blocks

The titanium blocs are available at the respective manufacturing centre and do not have to be ordered separately.

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