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Fascinatingly natural.

Over three years of development have resulted in this new, highly aesthetic discovery® pearl from Dentaurum: the all-ceramic bracket transcends all previous boundaries of aesthetics, quality and performance.

When bonded to the tooth, discovery® pearl adapts perfectly to the natural environment of the tooth due to its shade and high degree of translucency. The perfect geometry and size of this innovative bracket make it seem virtually nonexistent in the mouth.

discovery® pearl meets the highest demands of ideal aesthetic tooth correction in a subtle and efficient way – due to its incredibly natural appearance.


discovery® pearl + smart combi assortment

One name. One design. One goal. - unparalleled aesthetics.

discovery® brackets are part of a long and successful tradition. The highly aesthetic ceramic bracket discovery® pearl and the brilliant metal bracket discovery® smart complement this successful bracket line in all respects. Each of these brackets stands out with perfectly matched properties. When combined, the two brackets enable efficient and aesthetic treatment with all therapeutic options.

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*The Dentaurum version of this prescription is not claimed to be a duplication of any other, nor does Dentaurum imply that it is endorsed in any way by Drs. McLaughlin, Bennett and Trevisi.


Unique proven advantages –
engineered & manufactured in Germany!


  • Proven bracket design of the discovery® family

    ensures problem-free combination of discovery® metal and ceramic brackets in clinical treatment.

  • Perfect shade adaptation

    to the natural tooth environment – as if the bracket is nonexistent.

  • Optimal size

    compact in design, large in force – for optimal clinical treatment.

  • Colored placement aids

    facilitate positioning on the tooth.

  • Anatomical base

    ensures a perfect fit on the tooth.

  • Laser-structured base

    provides optimal bonding and debonding characteristics.


discovery® pearl starter set

We offer a complete starter set for your first steps with discovery® pearl. In addition to several assorted brackets, this “complete, all-inclusive package” contains all the accessories required for ideal aesthetic treatment.

  • 5 discovery® pearl patient cases
  • typodont for patient consultation
  • 5 pearl design Dentalastics®
  • 5 modern translucent archwire from
    glass fiber-reinforced plastic
  • discovery® pearl debonding instrument


Translucent, pearl Dentalastics® and archwires.

Nothing mars the image of aesthetic treatment more than disruptive metal archwires and ligatures. However, now a virtually invisible archwire has been successfully developed. The archwire is manufactured using glass fiber-reinforced plastic and has the same therapy characteristics as a nickel titanium archwire. Pearl design Dentalastics® add the finishing touches to invisible treatment and adapt optimally during treatment with their pearl shimmer.

discovery pearl® debonding instrument.

Removal of the bracket is very easy using the innovative discovery® pearl debonding instrument. The bracket is removed easily in one piece from the adhesive without applying great force and the procedure is especially gentle on the tooth. The adhesive remains on the tooth and can subsequently be removed. Bracket removal pliers are also available as an alternative.


Advantages in detail

REM image of the brackets.
The design of the discovery® has proven to be successful over many years. The rounded tie-wings are comfortable for the patient and at the same time provide sufficient space for double ligatures.

REM image of the base.
The laser-structured base was developed in-house by Dentaurum and has been used successfully over the years with our metal brackets. It provides reliability and security in bonding and also ensures easy debonding.

Clinical view.
From the patient’s viewpoint, it cannot be any more aesthetic. The discovery® pearl brackets adapt so well to the natural environment, it is as if they were not even there: providing the perfect solution for your discerning patients.

Innovative positioning.
The colored placement aids make it very easy to align the brackets and position them on the tooth. The different colors also aid in identifying and assigning the correct bracket to each tooth.


discovery® pearl - Debonding



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