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Parkhotel Pforzheim I Arrival: Thursday, April 5, 2018

Come in, turn off and feel at home...

Welcome to the Parkhotel Pforzheim! The modern architecture of the first class Parkhotel Pforzheim fits together with the City Theatre, the Pforzheim Congress Centre, the river landscape and surrounding greenspace to form a beautiful ensemble in the heart of Germany’s “Gold City“. Form and function complement each other. Generosity and flair begin when the guest enters the lobby, and continue with the layout of 208 comfortably-furnished rooms, which offer all the comfort and amenities of a four-star-superior hotel.

The central location and the excellent travel connections have made Pforzheim a popular location for events, conventions
and seminars.

Parkhotel Pforzheim I Deimlingstr. 32-36 I 75175 Pforzheim, Germany
Phone: + 49 (0) 72 31 161 - 0 I Email: info@parkhotel-pforzheim.de I www.parkhotel-pforzheim.de

Please note: Transfer costs from the airport to the Parkhotel are not included.

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